Benefit of Basil Leaves

The benefits of basil leaves are potent to banish bad breath. Therefore, this vegetable often accompanies while eating as a fresh vegetable.

Even basil leaves often used as flavorsome dishes. Basil (Ocimum citriodorum) is a kind of perdu plant with its trademark in the scent of its leaves. This fragrant Aroma is quite stinging when the leaves are broken. 

Although fragrant, but this leaf has a somewhat bitter taste. But don't get me wrong; the benefits of basil leaves for health and beauty are amazing.

The essential oils in basil leaves are quite high. Even in the area of Central Java and some regions, basil leaves made a mixture of herbal ingredients.

9 Benefits of basil leaves for health
Besides its various nutrients, basil leaves contain essential minerals that are very useful for the body's health. These vegetables regarded as herbs that often utilized in traditional medicine.

1. Treating kidney stones
The mineral content and active substance in the essential vegetable oil are also efficient in alleviates kidney stone disease. You can eat them in current conditions as vegetables or vegetable and fruit juices.

2. Maintaining Cardiovascular health
Basil leaves rich in antioxidant eugenol are useful for lowering and controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Therefore consuming this fresh vegetable is very good to maintain cardiovascular health.

3. Relieves malaria and dengue fever
The benefits of other basil leaves that are quite popular are in reducing and treating malaria and dengue fever. You can mashed basil leaves, and the sandalwood leaves then used as a compress on the forehead.

Another herb that can make is to boil the basil leaves with cardamom with a little water. Add honey in the result and drink it regularly.

4. Overcoming cough and Flu pain
Basil leaves are also potent as an expectorant in the dilution of the sufferers of bronchitis and asthma. Minerals in this vegetable are also efficient in relieving and overcoming cough and flu pains.

To make the ingredients, you can boil the basil leaves and cloves with a little salt. Once ripe, then filtered, drink the water regularly, and feel the benefits of basil leaves to relieve cough and flu pain.

5. Relieve sore throat
Besides being able to scent, the minerals in basil leaves are also potent to relieve inflammation and pain in the throat. Drink and make a stew of basil leaves for effective results.

6. Relieve stress
A study found that the content of ' adaptogens ' in the basil leaves is anti-stress. For those of you who want to relieve the importance of staying drink decoction of basil leaves with a mixture of honey.

7. Brightening and caring for facial skin
The benefits of basil leaves for beauty found in the active substances that play an essential role in the regeneration process of skin cells. Tumbuk alone leaves basil as a face mask that will make the face brighter and more fresh.

8. Acne problems
The nutrients of basil leaves are antibacterial and anti-fungal capable of cleansing the dirty blood. Included in solving acne problems. You can use it as a mask to treat the breakouts face.

9. Overcoming whiteness
The benefits of basil also leave efficacious to resist and treat fungi that cause vaginal discharge. Because this leaf has compound eugenol. To do so, eat fresh basil leaves as fresh vegetables regularly.

The content of basil leaves
Besides good for vegetables, the benefits of basil leaves can also be obtained from the nutrient content that is quite complete. The content of basil leaves is known to be productive with calories, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Basil is also rich with essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B, and vitamin C. The leaves are also rich in fiber, but low in fat, so it is good to support the diet program.

Interestingly, basil leaves are rich in antioxidants and antibacterial substances that are very useful in maintaining health and resisting many diseases.

These are the various benefits of basil leaves for health and beauty. In addition to the low price, you can also make good fresh or boiled vegetables to overcome your various health problems.

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