What is Jamu?

Before conventional treatment, traditional medicine has used first, one of which is known to have many benefits. Until now, when there have been many treatments using advanced tools, still many people still choose to continue to rely on traditional medicine, including herbs.

Jamu is a famous traditional herbal medicine in Indonesia. Many of the benefits with minimal risk make traditional treatment very popular. Traditional medicine still is chosen because it is more affordable than conventional medicine. It is easier to obtain than drugs with a doctor's prescription, stabilizing hormones and metabolism, healing naturally without chemicals, strength in the immune system body, fewer side effects, and can be cost-effective.

Besides being used as a medicine, Jamu also consumed to maintain body fitness and prevent disease. In Indonesia, in addition to medication and body fitness, people in the past sought to preserve nature through Jamu. When many benefits felt through Jamu, the community will be encouraged to replant, and this is where the natural preservation efforts located.

Not all plants can be used for the manufacture of herbs. Plants that become the main ingredient of making jamu is a family plant Zingiberaceae. Zingiberaceae family plants quickly found around the community, such as Ginger, Turmeric, Kencur, and Galangal. Here are the benefits of family plants Zingiberaceae.

Since the first, Ginger is used to warming the body. Besides, Ginger also believed to increase appetite, prevent nausea, and help relieve rheumatic. The results of a ginger collision used to relieve itching.
If Ginger mixed with salt, it could use as an antidote to snake bites. In Indonesia, it is famous for Ginger. Ginger consumed to warm the body and relieve incoming winds.

Turmeric has the content of curcumin, which is beneficial to relieve inflammation, such as swelling and pain. The famous jamu with Turmeric's main ingredient is the medicinal Turmeric sour. Women commonly consume this herb during menstruation.

Kaempferia galanga.
The plant with Latin name Kaempferia galanga is beneficial to relieve fever, gout, abdominal pain, and swelling. Jamu that has an essential ingredient Kaempferia galanga is Jamu beras kencur. This herb is efficacious to ease cough and increase appetite.

Alpinia Galanga.
Herbal medicine with an ingredient of alpinia galangal, is called the Jamu Kudu Laos. This herb serves to relieve gastric pain, wind intake, and increase appetite. Jamu Kudu Laos made from a mixture of garlic, noni fruit, white pepper, sour fruit, granulated sugar, javanese sugar, and salt.  

Nutmeg seeds.
Nutmeg seeds are usually used to add flavor in food. Besides, nutmeg seeds also have benefits to help relieve cold, indigestion, stomach upset, and relieves diarrhea. The compounds contained in nutmeg help improve concentration capabilities. The antibacterial properties owned by nutmeg seeds help to maintain healthy teeth and mouth.

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