These 7 Benefits of Kaempferia Galangal Rice Herbal Medicine

Kaempferia Galangal Rice -Beras kencur- is a particularly popular herbal drink which combines dried kaempferia galangal powder with rice flour.
In addition to health, regular consumption of beras kencur can treat skin
Indonesia is identical with a variety of spices, besides being used in cooking spices. These spices are usually processed into nutritious drinks for health, namely herbal medicine -Jamu-. One of these herbs is Beras kencur. Since long time ago, Jamu beras kencur has been known and consumed by the broader community because it has many benefits.
How to make Jamu
beras kencur is also quite easy and does not require a lot of costs. just prepare rice, tamarind, granulated sugar, brown sugar, kencur, ginger, and water. First, wash the rice thoroughly and soak it in water for 1 hour. Then, boil a mixture of tamarind, granulated sugar, palm sugar, ginger, with water until it boils and let it cool. Then, drain the rice soaked, puree rice, K. galanga and water boiled sugar and tamarind earlier with a blender. After that, strain and squeeze the blender pulp until it's scorched. Jamu Beras kencur is ready for consumption.

1. Add stamina to the body
Consuming beras kencur regularly every night can help replenish stamina so that the next morning you wake up with better energy. Kencur contains so that it can help in increasing strength and awareness, and can overcome fatigue.
Beras kencur can also provide a stimulating effect on the system that plays a vital role in the body's immunity. Besides, regular consumption of beras kencur herbs can help them to increase their appetite because it has carminative properties.

2. Help get the ideal body
Beras kencur contains substances that can burn fat effectively in the body so that it helps the body become slim and perfect. Eating beras kencur can also reduce blood glucose levels and maintain it usually. For this reason, beras kencur is suitable for consumption when undergoing a diet program.

3. Get rid of bad cholesterol
Beras kencur can facilitate the flow of bile so that it helps the absorption of food that enters the body. Thus, bad cholesterol in the blood can be eliminated.
This is because beras kencur has a fatty acid synthase flavonoid beds, such as kaempferol, quercetin, and galanin so that cholesterol and triglycerides can get out of the body.

4. Rich in antioxidants for the body
Beras kencur contains high antioxidants so that it can ward off free radicals in the body. Beras kencur herbal medicine also contains anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties that can fight diseases caused by infections and inflammation. There are compounds in beras kencur that can prevent the release of substances that stimulate inflammation or pain. The high antioxidant in beras kencur can keep the body healthy, fit, and avoid all diseases.

5. Overcome coughs and flu
When the throat feels itchy and always coughs, drinking warm beras kencur can be a solution. Beras kencur can help to thin the phlegm so that the throat feels relieved. Not only cough, but beras kencur can also relieve colds. This is because beras kencur has antibacterial properties that can eradicate the virus that causes cough and flu.

6. Reduce abdominal pain
When you experience an unbearable stomach ache or heartburn, eating this herbal medicine can be a medicine. Beras kencur can also be used to treat diarrhoea because it contains fibre which helps with digestive problems. Besides, beras kencur herbs can also relieve abdominal pain or cramps due to ulcers.

7. Help skincare
Beras kencur also has benefits for beauty, you know. These benefits are, overcome acne, brighten and tighten the skin. Besides being consumed regularly to help nourish the skin from the inside, beras kencur can also be used as a face mask for skincare. This treatment, which is carried out from the outside and inside the body, will maximize the final result.
Come on, regular consumption of beras kencur to get a variety of benefits above. Don't forget to keep balanced with healthy eating and lifestyle.

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