Sow Thistle, the kidney stone destroyer

Latin named Sonchus arvensis from the Asteraceae tribe or better known as sow thistle, is a kind of medicinal plant which has excellent efficacy in the treatment of various diseases. This sow thistle plant can easily found on walls, roadside, or between building debris.

As a plant belonging to wild plants, sow thistle is very suitable. It can easily be in an environment with evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year. Sow thistle is also often cultivated by some people in the yard. Sow thistle is very fond of sunlight and is easy to breed with seeds carried by the wind.

Classified as a type of medicinal herbs, sow thistle is widely used as a medicinal ingredient to treat various kinds of diseases. Including them to deal with kidney stone disease.

The leaves of Sow Thistle contained several compounds such as potassium, flavonoids, inositol, taraksasterol, and other compounds, which of course, have their properties on health.

Another name for Sow Thistle
Besides having the scientific name Sonchus arvensis, Sow Thistle also has several other names, including:
Java: tempuyung
Mandarin: niu she tou
England: sow thistle

Sow Thistle owns the content
This plant from Eurasia has several chemicals that are very good for the body. Among other things: alpha-lactoserol, beta-lactoserol, mannitol, inositol, silica, potassium, flavonoids, and taraksa-sterols. The leaves contain mineral ions (silica, potassium, magnesium, sodium) and organic compounds (flavonoids, coumarin, tharacasterol, inositol, and phenolic acids). Meanwhile, its roots contain flavonoid compounds.

Benefits and efficacy of sow thistle for health
Although the sow thistle leaves taste bitter, the part of this plant that often used as an herbal remedy is the leaves. Below are some diseases that can be overcome and also how to make drugs using sow thistle.

Disorders of the bladder, kidney stones, gallstones, and mild high blood pressure
wash five sheets of sow thistle leaves thoroughly. Put on the fire briefly, then eaten as a salad. Or clean one layer of sow thistle leaves. Tear the blade, put it into a glass, then brew it with one glass of hot / boiling water. Chill then drink one glass a day.

Kidney stone
Boil 250 mg of dried sow thistle leaves with 250 ml of water until it boils. Cool it down. Drink boiled water three times a day until healed. Or wash thoroughly five sheets of sow thistle, five layers of avocado, five sheets of mustard greens. Place the leaves in a container. Add 3 cups of water and two fingers of palm sugar. Boil until the remaining 2 1/4 cups. Chill, then strain. Drink three times a day, @ 3/4 cup. Boils the stems and leaves of the sow thistle are washed thoroughly before being ground or ground until smooth. Then squeeze it. Apply the juice to the boils. Do it until healed.

Appendicitis, dysentery, and hemorrhoids
boil 15-60 grams of sow thistle leave with 3-15 cups of water to boiling. Chill, then drink.
The presence of sufficiently high calcium content in the leaves of sow thistle can help kidney stones in getting rid of calcium to be dissolved and washed out with urine. Therefore, for patients with kidney stones today. Sow thistle leaves can be used as medicine for your current treatment, as an effort to help dissolve kidney stones. For how to apply, sow thistle leaves to be a natural ingredient for kidney stones.

How to make kidney stone medicinal ingredients from sow thistle leaves
To be able to get the efficacy of Sow Thistle leaves as an ingredient for kidney disease, you can make the mixture yourself. Here are some ways of processing Sow Thistle as herbal medicine to deal with kidney disease.

1. First ingredients
In this medicinal herb recipe, you only need to prepare 250 grams of dried sow thistle leaves and 250 ccs of water. Boil the sow thistle leaves until it boils. You can drink boiled water regularly every day in cold conditions.

2. Second ingredients
Prepare five pieces of fresh sow thistle leaves, five pieces of mustard leaves, five sheets of avocado leaves, and 2-centimeter palm sugar.
Wash all ingredients except sugar first, then boil in 3 cups of water until the remaining 2 cups of water. Filter the cooking water, then drink it in a frozen state routinely three times a day each ¾ cup.

3. The third ingredient
Prepare five pieces of sow thistle leaves, six slices of young corn, 3 cups of water, 2 centimeters of palm sugar. Boil all ingredients until two ¼ glass is left, strain. Drink boiled water three times a day as much as ¾ cup.

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