Prevent Coronavirus by Consuming This Food

The Coronavirus outbreak that shook the world makes everyone panic! Although many have recovered through medical treatment and isolation processes, there is no proven cure or anti-virus yet to kill the Covid-19 virus.

But, calm down! Because Corona is more likely to attack victims who have low immune or immune systems, there are many ways to block it. In addition to living clean, you can also eat lots of food, ranging from vegetables and fruit to improve the quality of the immune system.

Because, if the immunity is good, the body will more easily ward off various viruses, including Coronavirus. Curious what kind of food in question? 

Turmeric is one of the herbs that can increase growing endurance. Most Indonesian people consume it in the form of herbal medicine mixed with galangal rice. Turmeric itself contains curcuminoid which is useful for boosting the immune system. Thus, turmeric can reduce the risk of catching a cold and other infections.

Feeling unwell? I think you have to eat a lot of yoghurt. Low healthy drinks have properties to increase endurance and even ward off the body of the flu virus by 25 %. Because good bacteria such as lactobacillus have contributed to prevent the replication of the virus when the body is sick.

Popeye just eats spinach, don't you? Yep, this green vegetable is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and beta-carotene, which can increase the ability to fight infections that attack the immune system. Similar to broccoli, spinach is the healthiest if it is cooked so that it can retain nutrients. Besides, spinach has a lot of mineral content which is also good for the body.

This vegetable is a lot of people avoid. In addition to the slightly bitter taste, broccoli is considered to have an appearance that is not charming and attractive. But, do not underestimate. Because, broccoli is filled with vitamins, such as A, C, and E, minerals, and fibre. Besides, broccoli is also driven by antioxidants which can ward off various viruses and maximize our body's power.

It's fresh, lots of benefits too! Yep, oranges are the most effective fruit in increasing the body's immunity. Oranges have high levels of vitamin C making this fruit considered the best immune system guardian food. Vitamin C functions as an antioxidant, so it can prevent diseases related to the respiratory system and accelerate the healing of other diseases.

Like oranges, kiwi is very rich in vitamin C. So high, just one kiwi can meet the needs of vitamin C for a day. Vitamin C is very important in helping the immune system to fight disease. In addition to supporting immune function, consumption of kiwifruit is also very helpful in preventing colds and colds, especially in the elderly and children.

Actually, all ginger has the same properties. However, to maintain endurance, red ginger is far more effective. Red Ginger can help reduce inflammation during colds, sore throat, and other inflammation, and reduce nausea. Besides, the antioxidants contained in ginger can strengthen your body's immune system. So, it is not easy to contract diseases such as flu and others.

One more fruit that does not look attractive but has great health benefits. Noni is a tropical fruit commonly found in Southeast Asian countries. Usually used to treat diseases such as constipation, infection, pain, and arthritis, noni also has properties to improve immune quality. This is because noni has antioxidant levels that can reduce muscle tissue damage that usually occurs during physical activity.

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