Here's How Indonesia and Other Countries Handle Corona Virus

Indonesia has officially announced the presence of Covid-19 coronavirus infection in the country. There were two reported cases, which were experienced by patient 1 and patient 2. The latest data as of Wednesday (3/4/2020) showed that there were already more than 75 countries that confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus in his country. A total of 93,158 cases have been confirmed, with 3,198 deaths. Meanwhile, as many as 50,690 patients have been cured. The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus is of particular concern to governments in various countries of the world. Many efforts have been made by each country to deal with or prevent the spread of Covid-19 from becoming more widespread.

Here are the steps of several countries in dealing with the Covid-19 coronavirus in their country:
1. China The Covid-19 coronavirus was first discovered in late 2019 in Wuhan, China. After that, the disease spreads even more. After that, the Chinese government conducted isolation in Wuhan City, which is the capital of Hubei Province. As cases continued to grow and spread, the government then decided to isolate other cities in Hubei Province. China is also building two special hospitals to deal with the coronavirus, namely Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital.

2. South Korea
Outside of China, the highest number of cases of Covid-19 were reported in South Korea. Until Wednesday (3/4/2020), the total number of confirmed cases was 5,328 with a total of 28 deaths. Meanwhile, the number of patients recovering had reached 41 people. The South Korean government has also made many efforts since the corona Covid-19 virus was detected in the country. One way is to find innovative ways to test new coronaviruses in patients, inspired by the drive-through system.
In the north of Goyang City, the drivers stopped at the parking lot where they met with health workers. The driver then goes to several locations where nurses in plastic protective suits, masks, to face shields, register the driver, check body temperature, and take samples from the throat and nasal passages. South Korea has more than 500 coronavirus testing points, which have tested more than 100,000 people. Previously, the South Korean government had also implemented a number of policies, such as a ban on entry to the country to strict restrictions on tourists leaving for South Korea.

3. Iran
Iran is the country with the most Covid-19 cases in the Middle East. As of Wednesday (3/4/2020), the number of reported cases had reached 2,336 cases with 77 deaths. Meanwhile, 291 patients have been cured. Several public officials were reportedly infected with Covid-19, including Vice President Mosoumeh Ebtekar. Until now, President Hassan Rouhani said that the government had not planned to isolate the city of Qom, which is the source of the spread of corona in Iran. However, Rouhani revealed, the government will continue to implement the "individual isolation" policy.

4. Vietnam
According to the WHO representative in Vietnam, Dr Kidong Park, the success of the Vietnamese government was as a result of a proactive attitude and consistency throughout the response. After Vietnam announced an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases to 6, the ministry ordered the entire population of Son Loi to stay in isolation for 20 days. Health workers have also been instructed to follow many protocols in testing infection and its severity. other than that, the ministry instructed schools to clean class before students continue their studies.

5. Indonesia 
On Monday (2/3/2020), the Indonesian Government announced a case of Covid-19 coronavirus infection in the country. Two positive patients from Covid-19 were taken to one of the special referral hospitals that had been prepared in advance. The latest, the Indonesian government has set the case of the spread of Covid-19 as an extraordinary event (KLB). As a result, the handling of cases is completely taken over by the state, including funding for handling patients. To anticipate the spread of inaccurate information related to this virus, the Indonesian government also appointed Secretary of the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health Achmad Yurianto as a spokesperson for the handling of the coronavirus.

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