Get Natural Fitness with Herbs

For those of you who are Muslims practice fasting in the month of Ramadan, there is a tendency to decrease stamina. However, the condition of the body that is always healthy and fit is necessary to be able to fast and can perform fasting correctly.

Of course, this is a rare opportunity and should not be missed not to be used, mainly because of the condition of the body that is not strong and decreased endurance.

Complaints that arise can often feel trivial like bloating, diarrhea, or colds, but if this is left alone, it can have more severe consequences and can make the body that is fasting even become sick. For this reason, maintaining your body's stamina is very important so that you can take advantage of this Ramadhan time.

At present, the supply of supplements or vitamins in the form of modern capsule drugs is very numerous and practical. Another option is to utilize herbal ingredients around us and make an immune-boosting herb for the body. These herbs can use simple ingredients that are commonly found in the kitchen or grow around the house, making it easy to choose which elements will be used and processed by boiling or brewing. For example :

  • Ginger, Ginger is easy to find in the kitchen because it often used in cooking spices. With this one ingredient, we can take a variety of benefits, for example, as body warmers, treating digestive disorders, cough medicines, nausea drugs, anti-inflammatory, also restore the body's immune system that has weakened.
  • Chamber bitter leaves are also useful as a hepatoprotection, which is helpful as an enhancer of endurance. Not only used directly, but this herbal ingredient has also used in a variety of modern packaging drugs that are useful as stamina enhancers.
  • Mint leaves are commonly used as a complement to desserts also have many benefits. Among other things, to overcome nasal congestion, bad breath, and overcome nausea and digestive disorders. Guava leaves also have significant benefits in dealing with gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Guava leaves also have significant benefits in dealing with digestive disorders, one of which is to treat diarrhea. How to use it by chewing directly or boiling then adding a little salt and given honey until cooked
  • Besides consumed directly, honey can also be mixed with warm water when taken. Honey is also often a mixture of herbs. Honey is better not boiled, and it is enough to mix it when you want to drink the potion. Honey can be a mixture of herbs for curing diarrhea and cough. Besides, it can revive fitness during the recovery period after an illness. Therefore, honey can also be used to generate stamina after a day of fasting.
  • Lime also has many benefits. Besides being a cleaning agent, lime juice can be used as a cough medicine because it has antiseptic and expectorant properties. Herbal ingredients that have significant benefits as an immune system enhancer are echinacea plants. These plants are vines with beautiful pink, purplish flowers. This American plant is superior as an enhancer for endurance, compared to other herbal ingredients.
For that reason, it is necessary to plant herbal medicines around the house so that in an emergency, it can be used to minimize complaints about illnesses that occur—many choices of herbal plants that can treat non-infectious diseases. At least hundreds of standardized plants can cope with various conditions, not only to relieve but can also to heal.

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