Did you know, too often washing your hands with a hand sanitizer is also not good for the skin of the hands?
Many people feel that hand sanitizers are very helpful in their daily lives. They think that this product is easy and practical to carry anywhere and can keep hand hygiene awake at any time until people forget that washing hands with clean water is better than using a hand sanitizer.
The various forms of hand sanitizer packaging that are marketed increasingly steal people's attention. When in fact this product does not really clean your hands. Washing hands with soap is known to be far more effective at cleaning hands. The use of hand sanitizers that are too often is also not good, the use of which will often cause skin problems. 

Here are 5 effects too often using hand sanitizer!

1. Hand skin can be dry
You know, the alcohol content in a hand sanitizer can trigger skin irritation in the hands? This can happen because alcohol is the main ingredient of this product. In addition to irritation, this ingredient can also lift natural oils on the hands, so that too frequent use will make the skin more dry hands.

2. Hand skin becomes wrinkled, broken and easily peeled off
The further problem with the use of hand sanitizer that is too often is the skin of the hands becomes wrinkled. Natural oils that are lifted by the alcohol content in them make skin cells dry and dehydrated. Even worse if the skin of the hand becomes chapped and peeling.

3. Can damage the hormone system
Many hand sanitizers are formulated using triclosan instead of alcohol. Triclosan functions as an antifungal and antibacterial drug.
But apparently, triclosan is easily absorbed into the skin and the bloodstream so that it is harmful to our body. Some diseases can come attacking, such as allergies, hormonal disorders, to cancer.

4. Can cause damage to the skin barrier
Once again, the alcohol content in the hand sanitizer can damage the skin barrier if used too often, namely by removing proteins and lipids. Irritation and dryness of the skin will also be felt. Overcome this problem by using hand cream or moisturizer.

5. Weakening the immune system
It's good to keep the condition clean. But conditions that are too accustomed to being very clean can weaken the immune system, especially for children.

If it is too clean, the immune system will get used to not working and eventually can not fight the disease that suddenly attacks. Someone will easily suffer from diseases, even illnesses that are classified as severe. So, do not overdo it so that you are not exposed to various risks of other diseases
That's the fifth problem that you can experience if you use hand sanitizer too often. Using it is fine with a note to be regular, but remember that washing your hands with clean water is far better than using a hand sanitizer. So, if there is clean water and a hand sanitizer at the moment, you know, what should you choose?

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