6 Benefits of Red Ginger for Health

Now red ginger is one of the most popular plants in Indonesia.
The reason is, Indonesian President Joko Widodo claimed to drink red ginger three times a day since the coronavirus outbreak entered Indonesia.
Red Ginger, or often called ginger sunti, does have many advantages compared to other types of ginger.

If viewed from the chemical content in the rhizome, there are substances:
  • Gingerol, This compound is the same as the flavouring compounds and other spicy aromas of ginger. However, the smell of Gingerol is softer and sweeter. This compound is also widely studied as an anticancer compound)
  • Oleoresin, ginger is an essential oil that gives a strong spicy aroma and taste. Oleoresin in ginger has antioxidant, antitussive, and increases cell metabolism.
  • High essential oils, in the form of essential oils that have a pungent aroma and taste.

Various studies also cite the benefits of red ginger as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
This content is proven to help strengthen the immune system from viruses and bacteria.
The reason is that Indonesian President Joko Widodo claimed to have started drinking red ginger three times a day since the coronavirus outbreak entered Indonesia. Not only to ward off the coronavirus, many other health benefits contained in it.

What are the benefits of red ginger for health?
Here it is, 6 Benefits of red ginger in addition to ward off the coronavirus!
Efficacy and Benefits of red ginger for health :
1. Lowering blood pressure
Red Ginger can release the hormone adrenaline and widen blood vessels. More relaxed, and the heart's work to pump blood lighter.

2. Improve digestion
Ginger contains digestive enzymes, namely protease and lipase, each of which digests protein and fat.

3. Preventing blood clots that cause strokes and heart attacks
The content of Gingerol has an anticoagulant effect, which can prevent clogged arteries, a major cause of strokes, and heart attacks.
This content is also able to reduce cholesterol levels.

4. Neutralize the body from free radicals
One of the causes of damage to body cells is free radicals. Meanwhile, to avoid free radicals themselves is very difficult such as exposure to sunlight, radiation, ozone, cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke, air pollution, industrial chemicals,
The antioxidant content in red ginger can neutralize the body from free radicals.

5. Relieve stomach cramps
In addition to medicine, you sufferers of stomach acid can also feel the benefits of red ginger as a natural stomach acid medicine.
Phenolic compounds in red ginger can relieve irritation and reduce stomach contraction.
Reducing The Effects Of Acid Substances To Move Up To The Esophagus.

6. Increase stamina
Red Ginger can expedite circulation in the blood, so it makes muscles better and perfect.
Red Ginger also increases physical fitness and increases the stamina of men, commonly referred to as powerful natural medicines.
Feel the benefits of red ginger with these recipes to cure various ailments, and you can make red ginger concoction added with other ingredients.
Here is a recipe for red ginger to reduce various diseases!

Stroke Medication:
- 250-gram fresh red ginger
- 40 gram Noni fruit
- God leaves 30 grams
- 20-gram Otaheite Gooseberry leaf
- Four glasses of water
Thinly slice all ingredients, wash thoroughly. Boil 4 cups water, reserving up to 1.5 cups. Strain the stew and let it cool slightly.
Drink boiled water three times a day in the morning, afternoon, evening meal. Once drink half a glass.

Uric acid:
- Red ginger as big as a thumb
- Sow-thistle leaves 6 grams
- 7 grams of the sow thistle root,
- Cinnamon 0.25 gram
- 0.25-gram cloves
- Just enough brown sugar
Wash the red ginger, leaves, and sow thistle roots thoroughly, then boil together with other ingredients with 500 m of water until the cooking liquid reduced by half. Chill and strain.
Drink in the morning and evening 20 ml each. To avoid, drink one time a day. For patients with acute kidney failure, these herbs should refuse.

Stamina enhancing drugs:
- 10-gram red ginger
- Galangal 30 grams
- 5-gram pepper
- 5-gram kitchen salt
- Noni 1 ripe fruit
- Chicken eggs two eggs
Mash the ginger, galangal, chilli, until smooth. Add the noni juice. Sprinkle water to one glass.
Drink two times a day, morning and night while getting up to 1 glass each. Add salt, egg yolks, and honey.

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