34 Benefits of Noni Fruit and Its Side Effects

Morinda citrifolia, known as noni, grows widely throughout the Pacific and is one of the most significant sources of traditional medicine among Pacific islanders.

Noni is a plant native to Southeast Asia (Indonesia) to Australia and now spread throughout the tropics. Noni is famous for being resistant to various environments. Noni plants can grow in the lowlands to a height reaching 1,500 m above sea level; noni tree trunks can reach 3-8 meters, have flowering flowers and white. Noni is a compound fruit, which is young and shiny green and has spots or spots, and when it is old, it is white and has black spots.

All noni plant parts have traditional or modern uses, including roots and bark (dyes, medicines), stems (firewood, tools), leaves, and fruits (food, herbs). The application of noni as a medicine, both traditional and modern, gives the impression and broad impact on various disease conditions. However, most have not proven scientifically.

Noni fruit is known included in the category of healthful antioxidants. Not only that, but other benefits of noni fruit can also cure serious diseases, call it cancer, where we know the disease is terrible, even has the effect of death if it has infected.

Besides, the treatment of the disease that we mentioned earlier cannot be said to be cheap, but fortunately with the noni fruit through nutritional extracts and important substances contained therein can minimize so that the body is not susceptible to cancer, besides, to get this fruit is also effortless, and certainly cheap.

Noni leaves have thick features, where the layout of the leaves facing each other, and has a large size and width
It has a round flower shape with a stalk that is about 4 cm long, then has a white flower crown with a 1.5 cm long funnel-like appearance. Then there are two flower pistil, with stamens and stuck in the mouth of the crown
The height of the noni tree ranges from 4 to 6 meters, grayish-brown stems, rough branches, and taproot
Here are the substances and nutrients contained in noni fruit that you need to know:
Noni Fruit Substance :
  • Iridoid substances
  • Bioactive substances
  • Methyl
  • Morindone
  • Acetyl
  • Kapril Acid
  • Fiber
  • Xeronine & Proxeronine
  • Nutrition: Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Selenium, which houses minerals with high antioxidants, and many active compounds are consisting of plant steroids, magnesium, lycine, Antin quinines, sociums, proxeronine, caprylic acids, trace elements, phenylalanine, alizarin.
  • Antibacterial Substances: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E Coli, Shigella dusenteriae, S. pradysenteriae, Protens morganii, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, S. Typhi, Scotmuelleri, Bacillus subtilis
  • Terpenoid substances are beneficial for the recovery of body cells
  • Scolopetin is a compound with the function of controlling allergies or inflammation

But you also need to know, this noni fruit has many kinds, there are 80 types recorded in the world, but not all are useful, it said that there are only 20 kinds of noni fruit that we can use/consume. Then as we said at the beginning, to get it is elementary, the article of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, is a place where noni fruit grows. Then regarding the usefulness of this fruit, you can find out more in the following list of Benefits of Noni Fruits.

List of Noni Fruit Benefits for Health:
1. Treat Jaundice
This disease is visible in plain sight; usually, the skin of the person who has it will be yellow, while the benefits of noni fruit for this disease claimed to be able to eliminate it, for the way: two noni ripe smoothed, then pressed, then added honey into juice, stir until smooth, and finally stay in a drink with a dose of 3 x 1 a day.

2. Sore throat
The benefits of noni fruit can further cure strep throat, which is caused by infection and Luga in the trachea through the scopoletin substance carried by it.

3. Medicine for people food poisoning
don't panic if you experience food poisoning because the content of antibacterial substances in noni fruit can neutralize bacteria that are in toxic foods in the body, especially poisoning expired food or processed foods that are not hygienic.

4. Treat inflammation of the skin
The scopoletin substance in noni has excellent benefits for the body, which with these substances, provides the benefits of noni fruit in the form of treating inflammation of the glands, which usually marked with red rashes on the surface of the skin.

5. Burns Medication
Burns such as fire splashes, hot water, or exhaust heat, can be cured with terpenoids in this fruit, the benefits of noni fruit in this wound can renew damaged cells and accelerate healing.

6. Treating Tooth Saki
Antibacterial substances found in noni fruit can relieve toothache due to bacteria contained therein, the article the benefits of noni fruit into antibiotics that are reasonably effective and effective to cure it.

7. Bronchitis
By consuming it regularly, it to be able to eliminate the bacteria contained in the lungs so that the benefits of noni fruit can suppress bronchitis so that it gets better, and the body returns to normal health.

8. Treating Gout
Chronic diseases such as gout can also be a cure with the benefits of noni fruit. By consuming noni fruit can treat gout through iridoid substances carried by it.

9. Antibacterial
Stunned compounds and anthraquinone contained in noni fruit become one of the excellent antibacterials, even in the test can maintain the skin from fungi and other skin diseases.

10. Can reduce cholesterol
Similarly, the origin of veins, high cholesterol is a frightening specter, but with the benefits of noni fruit is proven to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. At first glance, the smell of noni is not pleasant. However, these fruit stores effective Xeronine content to lower cholesterol.
11. Anti-Inflammation
Noni fruit has anti-inflammatory properties that can work to prevent inflammation, even the benefits of noni fruit can also minimize the risk of heart disease.

12. Boosts the Immune System
There are many natural antioxidants, providing the benefits of noni fruit in the form of increasing the immune system in the body, or we often call it the body's immune system, with vitamin E, vitamin C, and coenzyme Q10 contained therein.

13. Relieves Headaches
For those who often experience headaches, it's good to consume noni fruit, because the use of noni fruit can also be an analgesic (pain reliever), carrying an analgesic content in this fruit reaches 75%.

14. Digestive Smoothing
By consuming noni fruit before eating dense food, it proved to be able to facilitate digestion. Besides that, the benefits of this noni fruit can treat stomach pain, irritation of the small intestine, flatulence, or glut. 

15. Can Reduce High Blood Pressure
Bored with drugs, or afraid of taking medicine, can be replaced by consuming noni fruit either directly or boiled first using hot water. Phytonutrein-scopoletin said in noni fruit can widen blood vessels to reduce blood pressure in the heart, so later, the heart does not need to work too hard when pumping blood. As a result, the benefits of noni fruit can reduce hypertension effectively.

16. Prevent Cancer
In a study mentioned compounds in noni fruit consisting of 2-methoxy-1,3,6-trihydroxyanthraquinone proven to prevent cell DNA damage that can later cause cancer symptoms, as well as the benefits of noni fruit, can undoubtedly keep the cells in the body to remain able to functioning correctly.

17. Treating Mumps
Swelling of the thyroid gland causes one of the diseases often referred to as goiter ", where the condition seen in the neck. Indeed, the disease makes it uncomfortable, but you need not worry, the article benefits of noni fruit can treat it, and the way is so easy, that is by consuming this fruit, then using noni fruit necklaces that are still thick, and reduce the consumption of salt.

18. Blood Circulation
The scopoletin in noni fruit has many benefits, including being one of the substances that can dilate blood vessels. As a result, the benefits of this noni fruit can improve blood circulation to the body of someone who consumes it.

19. Relieve Cough
Many factors affect a person suffering from cough, including viruses and bacteria, which we cannot avoid in our daily lives. However, the benefits of noni fruit here are claimed to kill germs, diseases in the throat, and can relieve itching. Regarding how to use this noni fruit, by boiling two ripe noni fruit, then mixing half a wild mint leaf, then boiling with two glasses of water until it boils, which eventually leaves only about one glass, and filter the water and drink for two times a day.

20. Treating Infection
Furthermore, the benefits of noni fruit are said to control the bacteria in the body to minimize the infection caused by bacteria. By consuming noni fruit regularly can make the loss of bacteria that can make the disease worse.

21. Treating Intestinal Inflammation
So many benefits of noni fruit, even for intestinal health, which by consuming it can cure someone who has intestinal inflammation.

22. Treating ulcers
You need to know the benefits of noni fruit can cure this disease, that is the way only by grating noni fruit, then later attached to ulcers.

23. Overcoming Diarrhea
Diarrhea is a disease that causes a person to feel pain in the stomach. Still, please note, the disease caused by a bacteria named "salmonella + e-Colli", and to cure it is by consuming it, through antibacterial substances carried by it, can overcome diarrhea.

24. Treating Dysentery
Harmful bacteria will indeed make a person's body easily infected by a disease, such as dysentery caused by bacteria so that patients will feel abdominal pain, but to treat the disease can be with one of the benefits of noni fruit, which has antibacterial substances.

25. Relieves Fever
There are many ways to reduce fever, including the benefits of noni fruit. By fruits noni one ripe fruit, then mix grated gnats, then boil using two glasses of water until later only one lens is left, filter, and drink water at least three times a day.

26. Relieves Pain
Having a substance that contains analgesic + morphine sulfate properties, making the benefits of noni fruit can ease pain, call it a headache, even to joint pain can also be cured with this fruit.

27. Increase Energy
Need additional energy, the benefits of noni fruit can provide it to the body, the article of the protein contained in noni fruit or often called noni can increase the energy of someone who consumes it.

28. Cure Ambien
Of course, you know the name Ambien, where the disease will provide pain when someone who has bowel movements. Well, the benefits of noni fruit can cure it, as for the way is, first collapse the noni fruit plus the following leaves two glasses of water until later only one glass is left, then drink regularly. And you need to know, by drinking boiled water earlier, will prevent you from constipation.

29. Treating Tumors
Having antioxidants provides the benefits of noni fruit, which can treat benign tumors, even by consuming them regularly, later cancer will shrink by itself.

30. Healthy bones
Having problems with bones can be overcome with the benefits of this noni fruit, where you only advised to consume it regularly to prevent or treat osteoporosis because, in this fruit, there are ingredients such as capril, morindone, methyl, and acetyl.

31. Cure Gastritis
For patients with ulcers must know the benefits of this noni fruit. Noni fruit has a scopoletin substance that can treat inflammation of the stomach if the patient wants to consume it regularly boiled water from noni fruit and leaves three times a day until the pain or inflammation disappears.

32. Prevent Free Radicals
There are so many benefits of noni fruit, especially for the beauty of women. With bioactive substances contained in noni fruit can lift free radicals if consumed regularly.

33. Eliminate Scaly Skin
Every woman wants to look perfect every time, as well as those who crave moist and smooth skin can count on the benefits of this noni fruit to get it all. The method is quite easy, with noni flesh applied to the scaly skin, then let it sit for ten minutes, and rinse using a cloth that has put into warm water.

34. Whiten Skin
Many instant masks are circulating on the market, but it's a good idea to try this one herbal. The benefits of noni fruit can whiten the skin, especially on the face, the same way as removing scaly skin. It's just 10 minutes longer or precisely 20 minutes, and beforehand the face must be washed with a warm cloth, and after finishing just rinse with cold water until the look was spotless.

Noni Fruit Side Effects

Side Effects of Noni Fruit Consumption
Although herbal, of course, when taking it must follow the rules, because anything excessive will give harmful effects to our bodies, not the benefits of noni fruit that we get, but instead, the pain will increase. Things you must know about the side effects of this noni fruit.

1. Kidney Problems
For those of you who have a history of kidney disease, you should not consume noni fruit. Because you need to know, the potassium contained in noni fruit is relatively numerous, where if later it will continue to be consumed by that person, it will cause problems.

2. Liver Disease
Similarly, people with impaired function in the liver. Many cases link with liver damage, so it's good you avoid it if you suffer from the disease.

3. Pregnant and Lactating Mothers
For you pregnant or breastfeeding women, you should not consume noni fruit, because drinking it can potentially cause miscarriage, and it not recommended to consume noni fruit when you are breastfeeding

Even though the benefits of noni fruit are numerous, but if you consume them excessively and don't heed the side effects we mentioned above. They can harm the body, so you have to be wise when applying for the benefits of Noni fruit above.

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