15 Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Body Health

Soursop is one of the fruits that is often processed into fresh drinks. The taste is sour, soursop fruit can be processed into drinks that can help provide freshness and eliminate thirst. You need to know that only soursop meat can be consumed, but the benefits of soursop leaves also should not be underestimated, you know! What are the health benefits of soursop leaves?

Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Health
Benefits of soursop leaf decoction is as a cancer drug. As a result of the discovery, soursop leaves are now quite popular among the people. Actually, besides cancer, there are still other diseases that can be cured with soursop leaves. Curious? The following explanation.

1. Treat diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that is often experienced by the people of the world. This disease is caused by the habit of consuming excessive sugar, causing blood sugar levels to increase.
Diabetes is a dangerous disease. The reason is, this disease can cause death. Therefore, those of you who are undergoing diabetes must be cured immediately.

It could also be an alternative event that is consuming herbal concoctions. You can try consuming soursop leaf boiled water which is suggested to be able to stabilize blood sugar. Soursop leaf properties for health thanks to high antioxidant content such as polyphenols, saponins, and bioflavonoids.

2. Boosts the immune system
When your immune system declines, you will most likely be susceptible to disease. Therefore, you are required to consume foods and beverages that contain nutrients to avoid various dangers of the disease.

The benefits of soursop leaves increase the nutritional content sufficient to increase immunity. You only need to boil up to 5 soursop leaves, then drink the cooking water regularly.

3. Cure Gout
Benefits of soursop leaf decoction can cure gout. This is because the content of acetogenin, gentisic acid, caclourin, annocatalin, and linoleic acid found in soursop leaves not only can cure cancer, it can also help gout.

The trick, you only need to boil 10 soursop leaves with 3 cups of air. Boil until only 1 cup of water left. Then drink the cooking water until it runs out.

4. Prevents premature ageing
For those of you who are starting to worry about ageing cells, the benefits of soursop leaves on this one will help you "ask" for ageing. The content of antioxidants plays an important role in preventing premature ageing.

Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body that are the cause of premature ageing so that the body remains ageless.

5. Remove toxins from the body
No need to bother buying anti-toxic products because one of the properties of soursop leaves is removing toxins from the human body. Consuming soursop leaf cooking water regularly can be used as a toxic therapy.

6. Benefits of soursop leaves as an anti-cancer
According to some studies, cancer can be cured with a mixture of soursop leaves and fruit. This is due to the healing effect of cancer will work more effectively in the presence of soursop leaves.

7. Treating eczema and rheumatism
Rheumatic diseases that occur in older people, cause extreme pain. As a solution, the benefits of soursop leaves can treat arthritis pain. You simply pound the soursop leaves until it becomes smooth and dab on areas that require pain due to arthritis and eczema. Do this routine twice a day.

8. Boosts the immune system and prevents infections
The nutritional content of soursop leaves can boost the immune system and prevent infections in the body.

Boil 4 or 5 soursop leaves in 4 cups of water until the remaining one cup of water. Strain after it has cooled, and drink this mixture once a day to get its benefits.

9. Treat eczema
The health benefits of soursop leaves can treat eczema naturally. You can pound a few soursop leaves and rub it on the part of the body that experiences it twice a day regularly. Aside from treating, this method will also help reduce the pain caused by eczema.

10. Treat ulcers
Boils are skin disorders that are characterized by extreme pain and even have a risk of infection. Boils can occur on the body or face so that it can interfere with the health and beauty of your skin.

Soursop leaf properties for health can cure ulcers. You can pick a few young soursop leaves and stick it on a boil.

11. Protect heart health
High potassium levels and active compounds in soursop leaf tea can help reduce blood pressure in significant quantities. For people with hypertension, this is the best way to reduce pressure on the heart and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

12. Help improve digestion
A good balance of vitamins and minerals, as well as anti-inflammatory compounds, can help the digestive system and prevent constipation, indigestion, cramps, bloating, and diarrhoea.

The calcium content in soursop leaves also helps the body absorb iron more effectively, while the antimicrobial effect of soursop leaf tea can help balance the intestinal microflora environment.

However, consuming this tea excessively can cause stomach upsets and other digestive problems.

13. Improve the circulatory system
Thanks to the high content of iron, the health benefits of soursop leaves can help stimulate the circulatory system and increase energy throughout the body.

Iron is a key component of red blood cells, which carries energy into organ systems and tissues, accelerates repair and optimizes metabolic activity.

14. Lose weight
This powerful soursop leaf tea contains some B vitamins, many of which are involved in optimizing metabolism. This can cause higher passive fat burning and give the body more energy, which leads to greater success in weight loss efforts.

15. Other benefits
In addition to the health benefits of soursop leaves mentioned above, soursop leaves are very effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites and tumour development.

Its healing properties make soursop leaves able to be used as an anti-seizure drug. This natural remedy is also able to reduce fever, reduce high blood pressure, help treat inflammation, swollen feet, help digestion, increase appetite.

Eating soursop leaves regularly helps increase stamina and helps fast recovery from illness.

How to Make Soursop Leaf Tea
Soursop tea can be easily brewed at home, provided you have dried or fresh soursop leaves, and natural sweeteners, such as honey or sugar. Unlike other teas, the potential of this leaf treatment is strong so you only need 5-8 leaves to brew in 2 cups of hot water. If you don't have a soursop tree, you can buy dried soursop leaves at a traditional drug store or you can get it at an online store.

Soursop tea ingredients:
6 Soursop leaves (fresh or dried)
4 (filtered) glass of water
1 The spoon of honey or sugar (if desired)

How to make:
Boil soursop leaves in a pan with small water
Wait for it to boil
After the fire has been turned off, let the cooking water stand for about 15 minutes
Strain into a teacup or teapot
Add enough honey or sugar and enjoy it while it's still warm!

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